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Therefore Increase Productivity Levels

Because Automatic Invoice Recognition reduces human errors.

Manage a higher number of task and clients with the same resources.

Post paper and documents from PaperLess directly into accounting software.

Consequently Gain Competitive Advantage

Therefore Increase your data security levels by keeping track of all operations. 

Easily recover all the information in case of disaster.

Gain full control over all data and documents with identification of all people involved in the accounting process.

Hence Increase efficiency with automation

Automatic data input annd automatic invoice recognition – up to 90% accuracy levels.

Don’t waste time looking for documents, with powerful search feature.

Subsequently all your data is accessible at the touch of a button.

Most importantly Reduce operational costs

Automatic Invoice Recognition reducing manual data entry up to 90%.

Reduce paper wastage, time and resources spent on inputting data.

Finally save on archive maintenance and locating costs.