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In contrast, a system is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, leadership should embrace transparent accountability, create capacity and improve teaching and learning. This is very important for everyone to experience from the cradle to retirement.
So if the equation, Preparation + Execution = Everything? Wilson (2019). Then when one teaches great lessons... two learn.
Most noteworthy, data and experience suggests, the first seven years of a child's life matters most.
Therefore the system of parenting, curriculum and teacher development quality, impacts on the life chances of all.


Therefore, our leaders and practitioners understand the impact and importance of well structured lessons. Firstly we mutually share our appetite for knowledge, wisdom and understanding with our peers.
Secondly, we promote a love of learning and intellectual curiosity as part of our lifestyle. Thirdly we contribute to curriculum design with relevant subject matter.
Fourthly, each child's innate mindset and skillset must be nurtured to succeed. Even more as success seeds success. In other words this is our contribution, to make the world a safer space.


It is a fact, "People are the key". As a result, we support Measuring What Matters, with people, to learn and develop.
As a matter of fact, investing in skilling pupils, staff and parents is the way forward. For instance, as learners and parents engage in stimulating curriculum/life activities, learning and living becomes fun.
In addition to this, our focus is the two way development of quality social, financial and intellectual capital with generation next.
Most noteworthy empowering all people can help community cohesion, inclusion and non-violence.
Finally as Jim Collins says, 'great vision, without great people is irrelevant'.


In addition to the preceding, our Senior Education Advisors are skilled practitioners in Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs Development
We work with in partnership with pupil, parents, school and supporting agencies.
As a matter of fact, our expertise include preparing Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment for children with highest needs.
Finally our head education consultant specialises in this area, plus administration systems in turnaround contexts.


Likewise, as each person achieves, they develop important skills for learning and living.
Therefore, we recognise achievements in all its forms be it sport, craft, science, drama, IT etc. After all helping all children and young people to achieve secures a great foundation for a safer world. Surely the skills attained and achieved from exposure to diverse experiences enlightens the path of the learner.
Most importantly, we model and encourage all to demonstrate, describe, build and attain skills with a positive attitude.
In conclusion, we encourage peer attainment and achievement from the classroom to the boardroom.


As we know value for money in education is critical. Hence our EDVOsafe framework measures the business of education financial cost in an effective manner.
Fore instance we use the power of Sage50 Cloud Professional and Payroll to manage budgets at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Therefore these savings brought about by EDVO can be used to create better learning experiences for all.
Most noteworthy, this accountability framework is managed by our Chartered Accountants to ensure compliance and value for money.
Therefore School governing bodies and stakeholders are able to track cost and focus on allocating funding where it matters, to close the gap.


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